About Code Flaunt



Hi! I’m Piyush Malhotra, the founder of Code Flaunt.

I’m currently pursuing my B.tech in Computer Science & Engineering from Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Noida, India.

As a student, I often found that you get a better understanding of things by trying to teach them to others.

Today, Code Flaunt is focused on helping students to understand basic programming languages.

Along this journey, I’ll try to express my experience and knowledge in a simpler way.

One thing I have observed from my past experience is that a highly focused short period of time on learning and a long time on its applications helps students learn faster. Thus, all my articles will work in the same manner.

I want to help you get through those difficult, time consuming and frustrating hours in front of your programming books with ease.

My goal is to help not only my tech-loving friends but also my non-techie friends who want to venture into this field and want to learn basics of coding.

At any point, for any reason you want any advice from me feel free to contact me.

In short, I want you to be as competitive to your peers as possible.

Contact Info: Fill this contact form to get in touch


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